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Computer Restore

Laptop & Desktop Computer Repairs, Printers & Office Equipment Servicing. Slow Computers caused by Viruses, Malware, Spyware or Computers that are just too full of unneeded Programs and Pop-ups, Malfunctioning or Faulty Peripherals are a thing of the past with Computer Restore, as they have a vast knowledge of all things Computer.


  • Super nice and simple design, minimalistic.
  • One Page-Navigation + Support Page (when you have an iffy computer, the last thing you want is a large website you have to find your way through to get to speak to someone)
  • Support Page contains links to most popular and widely used software that helps clients quickly download things like Remote Support Software and how to use the software, another feature that makes a massive difference when your computer isn’t in the best shape.
  • Contact Form
  • Google Maps

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